CIGAR | Well, its Official

Introducing the new and improved [TA…. cough, ahmmm… Can I Get A Rally!

Also known to its friends as CIGAR, Can I Get A Rally is a new friendly gaming community that is flexible and responsive to its members. Our first love and foremost in our hearts is Squad, but what’s life without a little variety?! We also play Destiny 2, ARK, PUBG, War Thunder, Tarkov, and whatever else we’re into this month.

We offer both casual and competitive play in our game of choice, and maintain our own server so we can play sumari over and over again, Huzzah! There is no time commitment required to join us, play as much or as little as you like. We think gaming is always more fun together, without extra rules, strings, and overbearing clan admins. If you feel the same way, find the link to our membership application and discord at the top of the page!

See you in game!