CIGAR | CIGAR Accounting – April 2018

At CIGAR we know how much our members love studying financial statements. To celebrate, this month’s report is available exactly on time so everyone can pour over last month’s late report and this month’s at the same time! In this post you will find our April accounting report, Paypal account report, and the monthly invoice for our dedicated server. The reports include all of our income and expenses from April 1, 2018 through April 30, 2018.

State of CIGAR financials:

CIGAR’s financial situation is better than its ever been. Thanks to our donors we have a large surplus of cash on hand. These funds, if the recurring monthly donations are to stay the same, could sustain our website and server costs well into the future. Again, a huge thank you to all those who donate!

Note: This month’s server costs are slightly less than usual because the due date is changing to the first of the month starting in May. This change means April’s bill is for less than a full month. The usual charge of $119.99 we return in May.

CIGAR Accounting Reports:

The CIGAR Accounting Report can be found Here

The Paypal Account Report can be found Here

The OVH Dedicated Server Invoice can be found Here

A couple reminders about the different accounts:

  • The General Account is for donation income, general payments, and transfers to the Savings and Reserve Accounts.
  • The Savings Account is used to save for known upcoming expenses such as those relating to the website. Many website services are billed infrequently. Please see the website costs sheet for more information.
  • The Reserve Account is used as a buffer against unknown expenses, taxes, or to cover for the loss of regular income. Any money remaining in the General Account at the end of each month is transferred to the Reserve Account until $400 is accrued.

If you have any questions about the report or the current state of our finances, contact Wshift via pm, on discord, or at