CIGAR | Can I Get a rally?

We’re your huckleberry, have two.
Need a radio? We’ve got UHF and VHF.
Clear back-blast? Probably not.
Looking for a gaming community? Welcome home.

Though we are first and foremost a community focused on Squad, we play many other games and are adding new ones all the time. Jump on our Squad server to ask for a rally, hop in our discord to see what we’re currently playing, or join us today!


Welcome to CIGAR!

We’re a close group of friends who play FPS, RTS, MMORPG, Indie, and Arcade games (and everything in between).

CIGAR was originally formed on January 23rd, 2018 as a competitive Squad team. Since then, we’ve realized that, well, we just want to have fun. The founding members of CIGAR previously played together for several years within a large gaming clan before deciding to start our own thing.

While our main goal is to enjoy ourselves, we are open to building competitive teams for specific games if there is enough interest.

Want to join us?

Newcomers start off as Recruits for a period of two weeks. This time is used to get to know our members and play games with us. After this period is over, our members hold a vote to decide if you’re a good fit with us. This keeps CIGAR a place that all our members feel welcome and want to spend time.

To become a member of CIGAR, apply online.

If you’ve found us through the War Thunder forums, reach out to CIGAR | natedogg or CIGAR | TheInfidel on Discord.

Have any questions, comments, concerns? Send a message to any of our Council members:

  • CIGAR | KyleC
  • CIGAR | Lateness
  • CIGAR | Wshift
  • CIGAR | GobbledUrGoozle
  • CIGAR | natedogg